Government Shutdown Halts Fda Food Inspections. Should You Worry?

The inspections themselves arent the biggest issue, says Dr. Hooker. Its not that every plant is expecting to have a visit, in the immediate future, he notes; depending on the type of food facility, some establishments are inspected as infrequently as every three to five years. Youre reducing the probability of an inspection by such a tiny number. Theres no long-lived impact other than the number of inspections in that queue. I dont know that in the short term there would be much impact. Plus, some inspections will continue. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will continue to monitor meat and poultry production during the shutdown, because those facilities cant lawfully operate without a USDA inspector present. And the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations seafood inspection program, which is funded through service fees and not government appropriations, is still up and running. (FDA seafood inspections, of course, are not). The bigger problem, according to Ms. DeWaal, could be the management of those inspections, and whether the FDA can adequately respond to an emergency. Those inspections help to prevent problems with food safety, fix them before contaminated foods get into the market. These agencies are working at very minimal capacity.

Best college for food in America for 2013

The general manager promises more vegetarian options and, perhaps, a juice bar. By Carol Kuruvilla / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 4:12 PM Comment JOHN TAGGART FOR NEW YORK DAILY Its official! In November, The Halal Guys will be opening up a new restaurant on 14th St. The Halal Guys are heading downtown. The famed food cart, known for the long late-night lines it draws on 53rd St. and 6th Ave., is opening a restaurant in the East Village this November. The new location on 14th St. and 2nd Ave. will feature shish kebabs, more vegetarian options, and a juice bar, according to general manager Hesham Hegazy. RELATED: KING SOUVLAKI OF ASTORIA TO VIE FOR VENDY CUP JOHN TAGGART FOR NEW YORK DAILY The food stand started out as a hot dog cart in 1990, according to general manager Hesham Hegazy. Were working with the interior designer now, Hegazy confirmed to The News, adding that The Guys are planning to add some sparse indoor seating to the venue. The team scouted out the area by opening up a cart on that corner two weeks ago. They chose the East Village for its club scene and NYUs nearby 14th street dorm, Hegazy said. The cart is currently open from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m., and Hegazy plans to make sure the restaurant stays open for just as long.

Halal Guys food cart to open restaurant in East Village

3Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va. Virginia Tech Virginia Tech is no stranger to landing at the top of collegiate food service rankings. Through their award-winning dining plan, this university showcases outstanding dishes like polenta with spicy vegetables, Buffalo chicken pizza, and whole-wheat pasta with sun-dried tomatoes. The regular faculty-student dining days and backyard barbecues have students excited to form relationships with their professors outside the classroom. And as if the campus isnt already filled with passion, VTs dining services take sustainability very seriously. Their project Farms and Fields provides all the best local and organic meals. Delicious examples include apple chutney and Cheddar panini organic Granny Smith apples with onion, red-wine vinegar, brown sugar, orange peels, fresh ginger, and local cheese served on locally made organic bread. Additionally, their on-campus garden, filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, receives regular visits from the community. However, meat lovers shouldnt fear: Virginia Techs Meat Science Center serves meats that are produced and processed right on campus grounds. Through VT’s Y.E.S (Youre Eating (and Living) Smarter) Nutrition Program, Hokies are genuinely interested in living sustainably as well as eating deliciously. 4Emory University, Atlanta Emory Emorys dining services has gone above and beyond the call of duty.