Microsoft Is Researching Earbuds That Play Music Based On Your Mood

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After sitting down and talking to them, I am starting to truly appreciate not only what they do but who they are. Watching the show at Neil’s last night was a lot different. For instance I know Jack so much better after interviewing him. I knew he had a big heart, I just didnt realize to what extent. Jack started the jam to bring Memphis musicians together. He has also put some fundraisers together to benefit musicians and played in many more. I remember watching him on a Sunday afternoon at the East End Grill jamming while Red Velvet sang Hes Got the Whole World in His Hands AT A BAR. At Neils during the Pat Taylor fund raiser (to help pay medical bills for cancer) he had everyone in the room, and it was standing room only, hold hands and pray for Pats recovery. He is also one of the best guitar players in Memphis. Last night as I looked up at him on that stage as I have a hundred times before I saw him in a different light. I saw a man with a heart as big as Texas, a music minister. All the things I learned about him in our interview. As he brought musician after musician up to jam with him and his band Triplthret, he talked about their careers and talents.

ADDING MULTIMEDIA Country Music Duo Thompson Square Partners with Luden’s to Celebrate “Voices Worth Hearing”

University of Virginia graduate student Shahriar Nirjon used the headphones for an app, Musical Heart, which monitors heart rate and then selects music for the listener. The app can help you maintain a target rate during exercise or relaxing, according to UVA Today . Weve designed Musical Heart to be convenient, non-invasive, personalized and low cost, Nirjon told UVA Today in 2012. Microsoft’s not the first to toy with the idea of making our headphones do more. Neurowear (the makers behind the infamous mind-reading cat ears ) announced earlier this year that it was developing headphones with a brain wave sensor that would play music based on the listener’s mood. Move over Google Glass and JawBone — the next wearable tech breakthrough might be music to our ears. Loading Slideshow Kin 1 and Kin 2 The Microsoft Kin smartphones debuted in April 2010. Marketed for teens, the devices were priced at $50 for the Kin 1, $100 for the Kin 2. Less appealing were Verizon’s $70-per-month subscription plans, as were early reviews calling the devices “not smart enough” and “downright ugly.” In June, Microsoft pulled the plug on the Kin family and focused exclusively on Windows Phone 7. Spot Watch Launched in 2004, the Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) watches connected to Microsoft’s FM radio-based network (MSN Direct) and delivered weather reports, news snippets, stocks and sports scores to users. Writes CNET, “Microsoft put a lot of money behind the Smart Watch and partnered up with Fossil, Suunto, Swatch, and even Tissot, which produced a high-end, touch-screen model that cost $800.” Critics and consumers were not buying it, though. Washington Post reviewer Rob Pegoraro tested a $300 Suunto model and wrote the following: “[It was] too big, too ugly, too useless, too expensive (especially with a $9.95/month subscription charge for Microsoft’s MSN Direct data service).” The devices were discontinued in 2008. Courier Tablet The Courier Tablet, leaked in 2009, was expected to be announced shortly before the iPad’s debut in January 2010. According to rumors, the device would have featured two seven-inch screens that folded shut. However, this innovative twist on the tablet PC never saw the light of day.

Ludens is known for soothing voices everywhere. Now we want to celebrate those voices, and what better way to do that than through music, said Albert Hwang, vice president of marketing for Ludens and its parent company, Prestige Brands. When we first heard and then met Keifer and Shawna Thompson, we knew we had found the right partners for our new Voices Worth Hearing campaign. Their own story is inspiring, and we knew they could inspire others to share their voices. The story of Thompson Square is a well-known one in Music City. Arriving in Nashville the same week – Keifer from Miami, Okla., Shawna from Chatom, Ala. – the two met almost immediately at a singing competition, and have been inseparable since. The duos self-titled first album was released in 2011 and spawned the double platinum #1 hit, Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not. The 2013 CMA nominees second album, Just Feels Good, is in stores now. They are two-time Academy of Country Music Award winners and a Country Music Association Award winner as well as GRAMMY and American Music Award nominees. They are currently on tour with Country superstar Luke Bryan. Both Shawna and I are big fans of Ludens and use it all the time, said Keifer Thompson. Since we hear from our fans so often, we also loved the idea of the Voices Worth Hearing campaign. We look forward to working with Ludens to find the many talented voices out there, and to share them with our fans. For more information about Ludens soothing throat drops, visit .