Movies To Fill The Time During The Government Shutdown

Its that time of year where everyone wants to share that. There are reasons for the October boo malaise. Horror movies have now become a year-round phenomenon, thriving even in the age of piracy and shrinking box office. In July, The Conjuring reigned as the box office champion while Insidious 2 was audacious in September. The horror hit Mama was supposed to come out in October 2012, but moved out of the crowded month for a January 2013 opening. Producer Guillermo del Toro says distributors are not afraid to put horror movies out anytime now. A lot of people are moving (horror movies) everywhere, he says. Tiffany Smith of the House of Screams horror section of, which naturally chose October to launch, points out that movie studios are finding new spooky holidays to spread the horror wealth. Friday the 13th is continuing to see growth as a launch pad. This year there was a lot riding on Friday, September 13, with Insidious 2, says Smith. That weekend actually played as a bigger movie weekend than Halloween is this year. In years past, October marked the heralded release of new bloody Saw movies, which owned the weekend before Halloween annually from 2004 until 2009. Paranormal Activity grabbed the precious weekend after its blockbuster breakout in 2009 and kept it until 2013. Paranormal Activity became the fixture for that weekend, says A Haunted House 2 producer Rick Alvarez.

With the original document inaccessible, would-be viewers of Mr. Jeffersons ringing patriotic manifesto can turn instead to this Nicolas Cage caper flick, in which an invisible treasure map on the back of the Declaration serves as MacGuffin. Warning: Some scenes, including the theft of the Declaration from its institutional home,may be too intense for furloughed archivists. 7. Night at the Museum (2006) Most federal museum workers will be sent home. These empty museums are bad news if youre employed in one. Somewhat better news if youre on display in one, as we learned from this comedy adventure hit starring Ben Stiller as a night security guard at the Museum of Natural History. 8. Outbreak (1995) If you credit some of the more alarmist predictions, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would be severely limited in investigating disease outbreaks in a government shutdown. Heaven forbid an outbreak of Ebola-like virus dramatized in this Dustin Hoffman-Rene Russo movie. 9. North by Northwest (1959) Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint wouldnt be allowed anywhere near Lincolns Nose on Mount Rushmore with the Park Service folks twiddling their thumbs at home in a shutdown. 10.