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Chipotle lays before the public viewing audience a death-defying view of what the food of today really looks like, on their search to bring back real food to their customers. Cultivate a better world The world of processed food is a frightening one, with food production controlled by industrial giants who are dominating the food system, the way its always been done. The infomercial seem through the eyes of one lone scarecrow, as he sets out to give an alternative to the unsustainable processed food from the industrial food factory. Its scary to think this is actually what food production has come to What the animals are put through and what people are willing to ingest, Alfred Hitchcock himself could not have come of with, but a seemingly closer of view of what this commercial portrays can be viewed in the B movie classic from the 80s ,Motel Hell. Unsuspecting travelers are buried up to their necks in the soil in his garden, after they are kidnapped by Farmer Vincent. It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincents fritters Farmer Vincents motto is a parody of the meat industry. His have their vocal chords cut so they cannot scream out. His victims, captured as animals, are fed special food until they are ready. The movie is full of one criminal act after another and who knows and who doesn’t and who eats but pretends they do not know. The victims escape and cant walk-from being buried in the ground, or talk-they hiss and make weird noises, much like the industrial farm animals would do if they broke loose from their industrialized settings they are forced to live in. If people weren’t so freaked out on the B drive-in movie spaghetti scare, and more information about industrialization and the tainted foods that litter the grocery store shelves, they might have realized the statement the movie was trying to make even then. The Scarecrow produced by Chipotle and created by Academy-Award-winning Moonbot Studios The Scarecrow is a revised version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Chipotles mission to change how people see fast food. Making a story that matters to people, the idea is this elaborate production of overproduced food.

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The FAO index averaged 199.1 points in September, 1% lower than in August and 5.4% lower since the start of the year. Global cereal production, which includes wheat and corn, is expected to be 8% higher over 2012s level, at 2.49 billion tons. The U.S., the worlds largest corn producer, is responsible for the bulk of the increase, expected to harvest a record crop of 348 million tonsthats 27% higher than the previous year. U.S. corn supplies have been tight since the size of last years harvest was hit by severe drought. But after high acreage seeded with corn this spring and largely favorable summer weather, the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts record U.S. corn output this year. That should push corn prices lower. Current levels mark a drastic turnaround since food prices soared to new heights in early 2011 amid global supply constraints for cereals, sugar and cocoa. Rising food prices helped spark the unrestknown as the Arab Springthat analysts say ultimately ousted the leaders of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. The London-based International Grains Council this month said world corn production during the 2013-14 crop year will hit 943.2 million tons. It also predicted that world wheat production will increase to 692.6 million tons, reflecting better prospects for the European crop than previously expected and a larger harvest out of Russia and Ukraine. Still, despite ample supplies of cereals, the UN warned that food shortages continue to plague certain countries.

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“There are a lot of people like me that are caught in the middle.” Pictures: Child stars then and now Last month, the ministry distributed food at Family Bible Church on East Orange Avenue. An October date couldn’t be worked out, but another giveaway is planned for November, said ministry founder Pete Custodio, who also operates a Food Bank Wednesdays event at the rear of Tip Tops screen printing at 100 S. Bay St. Custodio also runs a transition house for the homeless at 504 E. Orange Ave, where he also leads a 7 p.m. worship service and potluck dinner each Sunday. Plenty of need With each passing week and month, said Custodio, who founded the faith-based nonprofit three years ago, the lines get longer and the faces get less familiar. But Petty and others are just the kind of folks the New York City native was hoping to reach those who don’t get public assistance or little, if they do and are either unemployed or living paycheck to paycheck. “I see different faces each time now,” said Custodio, 43. “We help 90 to 100 people on Wednesday and our last monthly food distribution had nearly 300 people turn out.” Diabetic Josephine Brinkley said she receives just $79 a month in food stamps, which barely pays for basic staples such as milk and bread, let alone meat and vegetables. “The free food helps me fill in the gap,” said Brinkley, who also visits the food bank each Wednesday. “He really tries to help people in this community.” The Rev. Leon Bloder, senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church on Center Street said his church was more than willing to allow Custodio the use of its parking lot during its first food distribution two months ago.

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People marrying outside their culture is going to result in evolution of such foods. Kids are going to grow up eating sushi and butter chicken, and this will influence their cooking habits. Fusion, confusion? What is fusion food? asks food writer Rushina Munshaw Ghildyal rather rhetorically, before answering the question herself. Because of the past, it has got a negative connotation, but it literally means to infuse distinct flavours or techniques from more than one cuisine in a measured manner, into a new dish. Years ago, the mighty Italians did not have access to spices. But after some of their explorers travelled to India and China, they embraced spices into their age-old recipes, without recognising the act of fusion, she adds, explaining that however scary or vague the term, the results of fusion can bring landmark changes in food history. The bad name that the term fusion got, was chiefly due to the demand of inward-looking palates of Indian diners in the past, who forced chefs to play it safe, as they wanted their patrons to return to their restaurants. As a result, they infused every cuisine with a hint of Indianness. Today, much like the Indian tourist, even the chefs are well travelled and many of them have degrees from Europe and the US. They take the time out to recce regions across the world to update their knowledge.Some, in fact, argue that the term fusion needs to die a natural death now. Fusion doesnt mean anything, argues Rahul Akerkar, celebrity chef and restaurateur. It is all part of good evolution, as with time, different ingredients are coming into local markets, people are open to exploring their palate preferences and the chefs are confident to follow their culinary passions. Here and now Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore are predictably the first cities to have stepped up to the plate. There will always be patrons who swear by the authentic kebab, tikka or burrah kabobs, but theres an open-mindedness and willingness to try new flavours that one didnt see as much before. Its superb because it means that eating out has become interesting again, says Verma.At places such as Le Bistro du Parc in New Delhi, the new menu is thoroughly French, and yet its light, fresh and modern — a world away from the souffles and Escoffier recipes that so many associate with Gallic food. They reference classic French techniques and preparations, but like Indian Accent, the ideas and flavours are from everywhere.

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takeout stores are rapidly becoming “aspirational brands” for cosmopolitan Africans with disposable income. He said: “An upwardly mobile, confident, Western-leaning and young consumer class bodes well for an American burger boom.” And the battle for the African market is well underway. This year, Yum! Brands — owner of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut — is expanding into Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe. An upwardly mobile, confident, Western-leaning and young consumer class bodes well for an American burger boom. Elias Schulze, The Africa Group The Louisville-based restaurant giant already has outlets in 14 African countries , with more than 700 KFCs in South Africa and plans to open a further 45 stores in 2013. Read this: South Africans thirsty for craft beer And with growing political and economic stability, Western fast food brands are approaching the region with a renewed sense of optimism, according to Schulze. He said KFC is an established brand on the continent today, adding: “My general sense is that markets beyond South Africa in sub-Saharan Africa are in the investing phase given their level of infancy and may not have reached a payback point quite yet.” And more big players are beginning to follow suit. In May, Burger King opened for business in South Africa and last year Domino’s — the U.S. pizza chain — opened its first African store in Nigeria, the continent’s most populous nation. With two stores already, Domino’s is planning to launch three more African branches by the end of this year. A taste of Nigerian street food Burger King arrives in South Africa Procter & Gamble see African opportunity Love for meat unites South Africans?