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An even higher percentage of Russian Jewish households had boarders; my great-grandparents routinely put up men and women fresh off the boat for short-term stays in their Lower East Side tenement. Julien Faure/REA via Redux Huddled masses yearning to breathe free isn’t the first phrase that comes to mind when describing touristsin 21st century New York City booking stays through Airbnb, the wildly popular websiteconnecting residents wanting to pick up some extra cash with out-of-towners looking for cheap alternatives to a traditional hotel. Although the terms and conditions have changed, the commercial impulse is much the same. Take a twenty-something couple named Lauren and Rob, who asked that I not reveal their last names because of the legal issues surrounding Airbnb. They moved to the Big Apple to make it in showbiz. Struggling to make ends meet, they now cover about half the cost of their $2,250-a-month Manhattan apartment by renting out their living room couch for $65 a night. But unlike New York of a century ago, when capitalist transactions between consenting adults were generally allowed, the government has been waging war on the short-term rental business. A new front just opened that might ultimately drive many of New York City’s roughly 15,000 resident users to quit Airbnb. Last Friday, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued a subpoena demanding that the company hand over a spreadsheet listing all its hosts statewide, their addresses, the dates and durations of their bookings, and the revenue these bookings have generated. News of the subpoena was chilling for many of the people whose names will appear on that list because theyve been using Airbnb in violation of the law (more on the legality of Airbnb in a moment). Seth, a Manhattan lawyer who started hosting short-term rentals of his Upper East Studio during a period when he was out of work, says he’ll probably quit as soon as his lease is up. “The subpoena is scary,” he says, fearing hell have to hire a lawyer and pay a big fine. On Wednesday, Airbnb filed a motion in New York State Supreme Court challenging the subpoena. Airbnbs petition contends that Schneiderman’s request is a “fishing” expedition because there’s no proof of any wrongdoing. It also makes the dubious claim that requiring the company to produce what amounts to a gigantic Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with “millions of cells” is onerous because it would “take a significant amount of dedicated employee time.”Oscar Chase, a civil litigation expert and professor at NYU law school, says the request for the spreadsheet seems reasonable and that the attorney general is acting well within his subpoena powers.

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Hindy, who is 64 and lives in Park Slope, shares some of his favorite saloons, and favorite stories selling his beer. Tavern on Jane, 31 Eighth Ave., at West 4th Street Its just a really comfortable, classic old pub warm and inviting and comforting. The owners are Horton Foote Jr. and Michael Stewart. Horton Foote Jr. is the son of the famous playwright Horton Foote. Hes a really great guy. My wifes family name is Foote, too [Horton and I] always call ourselves cousins. They have a nice wood bar, they have sturdy barstools youre lucky if you get a barstool, because its very busy. I have at least one or two of my own beers. I try other beers, too, of course. If they have something new on tap, Ill try that.


If video of that first encounter exists, it has not materialized. Video of Lien being beaten, however, and of previous rallies showing Hollywood Stuntz-organized packs tearing along sidewalks, blocking in motorists in cars, weaving between lanes on busy streets and performing wheelies in intersections has drawn scorn from other motorcyclists. They call such riders “squids” and say these massive gatherings give all motorcyclists a bad name. “Stupidity in large numbers,” one rider posted on an online forum. “Those motorcyclists were complete jackasses and had what was coming to them,” wrote another on the same forum, Edwin Mieses Jr., the 32-year-old motorcyclist run over by Lien, remains hospitalized. Mieses’ wife has said he may be paralyzed. The riders charged so far face felonies that include first-degree assault to rioting. Braszczok, the detective, has been released on a $150,000 bond. His attorney disputes prosecutors’ allegations that he broke the SUV’s rear window; it was already broken by then, the attorney said. Braszczok reportedly failed to report the incident for three days. Lien has not been charged. So far this year, New York police say they’ve seized 1,440 motorcycles, quad and dirt bikes, including 57 the day of the melee, as they crack down on illegal and dangerous motorcycle riding. At least 437 people have been arrested, including 187 for reckless driving or reckless endangerment, not including those arrested in the assault.

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A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. 5 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Only in New York: Millionaires with malaise Robert Frank, CNBC 10:13 a.m. EDT October 12, 2013 in New York and other concentrated wealth centers the growing gap between the rich and super rich has rarely been wider. (Photo: Martin Child, Getty Images) Story Highlights Tensions between rich and super rich as old as wealth itself But in New York for instance, the growing gap has rarely been wider How those living in Fifth Avenue palaces can actually feel disadvantaged SHARE 56 CONNECT 35 TWEET 5 COMMENTEMAILMORE I recently asked a wealthy political donor why he was supporting Bill de Blasio and his attacks on the wealthy. “Because inequality is a problem in New York,” he said. “The rich have gotten their way for too long.” By “rich” of course, he meant people richer than he wasas in billionaires. Inequality in New York is all relative. The tensions between the rich and super rich, and between Old Money and New Money, are as old as wealth itself. But in New York, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong and other concentrated wealth centers, the growing gap between the rich and super rich has rarely been wider. In an entertaining piece in the New York Observer, Richard Kirshenbaum writes of a friend (whom he doesn’t name) who no longer feels important in New York because he’s only a millionaire. It’s what Kirshenbaum calls the “millionaire malaise.” “I’m 1990s money in a new age with one less zero,” the friend says. Now, it takes at least $100 million to matter in New York. He says he feels like a “loser” because of his $10 million apartment. His wife’s 8-carat diamond is out-blinged by a friend’s 20-carat rock. He’s proud of his floor seats; another guy buys the team.


A neighbor of the Romneys had sought to block the project on the grounds that the couples property in La Jolla was too small to justify a house of that size under regulations determining the ratio between lot and house sizes, according to documents before the commission. The Coastal Commission voted 7 to 4 at a meeting in San Diego to deny the appeal and allow the project to go forward, said panel spokeswoman Sarah Christie. The couples current house in La Jolla is 3,100 square feet, panel spokeswoman Sarah Christie said. The planned home would approach three times the size of the existing home. Reuters Males tend to play down distracted-driving dangers: Do you think its all right to text and drive because youre a great driver? If so, chances are youre a guy. A study published in the International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management found that four out of five college students texted while driving, and that males were more likely to downplay the dangers of distracted driving, because they believed they were skilled drivers. While male respondents widely agree that texting while driving is dangerous they also believe that they are better at texting while driving than other drivers, the study said Garold Lantz and Sandra Loeb. The authors, who are both marketing professors at Kings College, in Wilkes Barre, Pa., surveyed 120 male and female students on their texting habits, as well as their views of the practice. Los Angeles Times

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Kitchen. Aside from the prominent location in the UWS, everything about the place is pretty lax, from its feel-good grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers to the Latin-infused tacos and paella. We may be on our way to fall, but the lingering summer weather is the perfect excuse to order a spiked milkshake or a butterscotch ice Cream sundae. Guests can escape the general dining-area crowd and head over to the lounge – better known as the Cabanas – for a more intimate ambiance. 269 Columbus Ave. 212.873.9400 Pop on Park Maison 24 (Upper East Side) While most furniture stores on the Upper East Side feature pieces of a more traditional decor, brother-sister duo Louis Marra and Allison Julius have successfully prescribed a healthy dose of whimsy for Park Ave., Maison 24. Step inside the shop, which is more a furniture boutique than an impersonal furniture emporium, and you’re instantly transported to the home of your dreams, where Lucite abounds and Louis XV chairs are given an update with leather studded seats and the message: “Love Hurts.” Even if you’re not in the market for new furniture or a collectible piece of art, you’ll have a difficult time leaving Maison 24 empty-handed. From a French salad dressing to a Swarovski crystal-encrusted Pop Phone, Maison 24 has something for everyone. 470 Park Ave. 212.355.2414 The Donna Scott Secret Med Spa (Upper East Side) Trekking through the city can take a toll on any beauty, but thanks to spas like The Donna Scott Secret Med Spa, it doesn’t have to show. Celebrity skin-care expert and medical esthetician Donna Scott delivers a beauty oasis for women at her Park Ave location.