Oracle Team Usa Wins Two Races To Tie America’s Cup, 8-8

USA coach Calvi speaks to Rotary

On the brink of elimination, the Americans started winning. “What really gives us confidence is that we’ve really improved the boat,” Spithill said. “The boat is going fantastic.” Tuesday offered stunning proof of how the tables have turned over the last week. The first race was over before it began. The two boats bumped as they headed for the starting line, jockeying for position as if they were, indeed, NASCAR racers. Officials assessed Emirates a double penalty. “An absolute shocker,” Barker said. “We just got ourselves in a really bad spot.” The Kiwis had to pause, creating a deficit they could never make up. Oracle won by 27 seconds in a victory that would have secured the Cup had the Americans not incurred that two-race penalty. A half-hour later, in the second race, Barker positioned his boat for an early lead but it wasn’t enough. Though conditions seemed to favor Emirates with a steady wind and smooth waters, Oracle stormed back to take the lead and crossed the finish line 54 seconds ahead. “It was phenomenal,” Barker said. “They showed something that was really quite amazing.” Now, the rivals will meet in a finale scheduled for 1:15 p.m. Wednesday, weather permitting.

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Known for his brutality and harsh remarks to contestants, Cowell sounded soft and generous with praise for Ellona, I love this girl. You are seriously good, he said. Upon hearing what SiCo said, it was Ellonas turn to ask the head judge a question. She wanted to know if he remembers her, revealing that she already auditioned during the shows first season. It was Demis time to share her thoughts on Ellona assuring the teen contestant that she would have gotten her Yes-Vote in Season 1 had she been on the judges panel back then. Had I been here first season, you would have gotten through, Demi said. Fortunately, this year, were going to have so much fun together and youre going to say Simon youll never gonna forget about me ever, ever, ever again. I think youve made this easy. I say yes. Having earned thumbs up from the judges on week 2 of the X-Factor USA Season 3, Ellona vowed not to waste the opportunity. This chance is more important than my last chance because Im going to try to make it up there not as part of a group but as a soloist. Im so happy, she noted. RELATED: The X-Factor USA 2013 Judge Demi Lovatos ‘Neon Lights’; Top Things to Know about Singers Third Single from Album ‘Demi’ [PHOTOS/VIDEO] Full article here.

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‘X-Factor USA’ 2013 Week 2 Recap: Meet the Filipino-American who Impressed Judges at Audition [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

Seated in back are Rotarians Wanda Hall, Allen Walston and John Brantley. From 2011 to 2012 the University of South Alabama (USA) had the biggest turnaround of any baseball team in the nation. The Jaguars went from an abysmal 23-40 to an amazing 43-20 in just one year. They finished the year in the regionals of the NCAA tournament, losing to eventual College World Series finalist Mississippi State. The man most responsible for the turnaround was USA head baseball coach Mark Calvi. Calvi spoke to the Rotary Club Tuesday, September 24 and shared how the feat was accomplished. I emphasize three things to my players, Calvi said. First is communication skills, second attention to details and third community involvement. His players are not just good players but good people according to Calvi. He emphasizes academic success and it shows, with his team posting a 3.02 GPA. They can lose baseball at any time, Calvi said. But they can never lose that degree. After his talk, Calvi presented shirts, hats and other Jaguar souvenirs to the Rotarians and guests. See page 3A for a picture