Scientists Track Cougar’s Wild Nightlife Above Hollywood

Mountain lion P-22 inside Griffith Park

Its all thanks to the Hollywood Networking Breakfast , which for 20 years has opened doors for aspiring industry pros by helping entertainment bizzers connect with each other. Get Weekly Online News and alerts free to your inbox The first monthly networking studio event of its kind, the breakfast has attracted some of Hollywoods biggest players, from Us Ron Meyer and Showtimes David Nevins to talent including David E. Kelley, Wes Craven and James Burrows, all of whom have at one time or another volunteered as guest speakers. Initially held on the Paramount Studios lot, the breakfast now takes place at Hollywoods Raleigh Studios on the last Thursday or Saturday of every month. Sandra Lord, the brain behind the breakfast, said she created the org when she moved to L.A. from St. Lucia and found that existing networking events didnt allow attendees to intermingle, or for newcomers to be heard. People were thrust into a room, and most people kept to themselves, passing judgment on others, watching whos important and whos not, said Lord, whos also CEO of the nonprofit Changing Images in America and the production company Lord Entertainment Group. So I thought that there was an opportunity to do something different and to provide access to everyone. Anyone, including walk-ins, can attend the breakfast as long as they pony up the $45-$55 cost. At the event, every attendee is allotted 15 seconds to introduce themselves to a room of 100 to 250 entertainment bizzers before the scheduled speaker from the film, TV or music industry takes the floor. Lord and her staff choose one attendee to either meet the guest speakers again for a lunch date or visit them at their place of work. For instance, Two and a Half Men director James Widdoes, who spoke at the HNB two years ago, allowed an attendee a Broadway production stage manager, who had moved to L.A. to become an assistant director to observe him on set. Widdoes hired him as a stage PA on his ABC Family pilot and Hulu Web series. As I say to anybody, whether theyre starting out in the business or theyve been at it for 30 years, you have to get your product in front of people every opportunity you can, Widdoes said.

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Sikich used a blowpipe to administer a sedative to the mountain lion and attached a collar with GPS and very high frequency radio signal technology. The collar regularly sends data to a website via satellite or cellphone tower. Biologists remotely track an average of eight locations a day, mostly at night when the animal is active. They watch particularly for “location clusters,” indicating spots where the lion has been feeding. Using the location data as a guide, they have bushwhacked or crawled through poison oak and thick vegetation to find what was on P-22’s menu. Once in the vicinity, they follow their noses. “For fresh kills, smell is very telling; it smells like rotten meat,” said Laurel Serieys a PhD candidate in biology at UCLA who’s a project volunteer. She and Ordenana recently spent four arduous hours hiking in to four “kill sites” in deep ravines or on steep hillsides. At the first location, right off a paved road in the park, they found only the malodorous rumen, or stomach, of a deer. They surmised that coyotes had dragged the deer’s body away. Next, at the bottom of a ravine, Serieys found a coyote carcass, with part of the muzzle intact. Ordenana said this was the first documented P-22 kill that was not a deer.

Tom Clancy’s international tales, fictional CIA hero Jack Ryan combined for Hollywood success

The publisher did not disclose a cause of death. By Associated Press, LOS ANGELES Jack Ryan is the sort of American hero thats been a screen staple since the silent era. Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck have all played the fictional CIA analyst, and Chris Pine joins the list when Jack Ryan: Shadow One opens on Christmas Day. The character was Tom Clancys version of an American James Bond, said Gregg Kilday, film editor for The Hollywood Reporter. The weeks best news photos Heres a quick way to catch up on the weeks news, through some of our favorite photos. Clancy, who died Tuesday at age 66, wrote these very solid, meat-and-potatoes thrillers, Kilday said. They offered up a lot of material that directors and actors could work with in fashioning straightforward, semi-patriotic espionage and action-adventure movies. Each adaptation was a hit: The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger and The Sum of All Fears. But despite the success, the authors relationship with Hollywood was often contentious. While he enjoyed the exposure, he regretted the lack of creative control. Giving your book to Hollywood is like turning your daughter over to a pimp, he famously said. He took potshots at a number of films, Kilday noted. He didnt like that movies like Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games didnt simply reproduce the plots of his novels, which were too complex to fit into a two-hour screenplay.

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Oct. 10 (9:01 9:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Copyright CBS, Richard Cartwright This photo released by CBS shows, from left, Robin Williams as… The Hollywood Reporter ‘s list of its 10 best stories of the week: FALL TV PREMIERE WEEK: WHO WON AND LOST (ANALYSIS) NBC and ABC are up, Fox and CBS down as viewers return to sample broadcast shows and give each network something to brag about. ‘DON JON’ SHRINKAGE: RELATIVITY SUFFER BOX OFFICE COLD STREAK The Joseph Gordon-Levitt dramedy looks like a loser for the studio, one of a string of losses that could leave it $800 million short of its $1 billion global box office goal. MEET WALTER BLANCO: ‘BREAKING BAD’ GETS SPANISH-LANGUAGE VERSION As Vince Gilligan ‘s creation ends with record U.S. ratings, Sony TV preps a Colombian version but no RV this time. TED TURNER ‘S BIRTHDAY SAVE-THE-DATES ARE SNOW GLOBES OF HIMSELF (AND HIS THREE LABS) Inside the snow-globe reminder of his 75th birthday fete on Nov. 23 at the Atlanta Intercontinental , the mini media mogul wears jeans, a denim shirt and a sheepskin jacket. HOW BUSINESS MANAGERS HANDLE MONEY FOR STARS WHO MAKE LESS THAN THEY A cable paycheck is all the rage, but taxes, commissions and fees reduce that to $200K per year, says Scott Feinstein , who manages Taylor Lautner , Mina Kulis and Aaron Paul so a client’s Lamborghini wishes wind up BMW instead. HOW HOLLYWOOD’S A-LIST DIVERSIFIES: PROPERTY FLIPPING, RESTAURANTS, FASHION AND NIGHTCLUBS From Vincent Gallo and Jeremy Renner ‘s adventures in real estate to Robert DeNiro ‘s restaurants, Woody Harrelson ‘s wheat-waste paper mill and Susan Sarandon ‘s table-tennis-themed nightclubs, THR’s rundown of the profits and perils of moonlighting. THE SKY-HIGH COST OF KEEPING STARS SAFE Celebrities pay six to seven figures to keep paparazzi, overzealous fans and the occasional stalker at bay. A FINANCIAL ADVISER’S MANAGEMENT ADVICE THROUGH A HOLLYWOOD CAREER ARC (GUEST COLUMN) Tesla or Prius? Depends on your status, writes a Beverly Hills money manager, who gives a blueprint of how everyone from agency assistants to movie moguls should spend and invest. HOW A BRAD PITT MANTRA, ‘GAME ON, —-ERS!’, FUELED HIS OSCAR CONTENDER ’12 YEARS A SLAVE’ The Plan B star-producer reveals the stomach-churning drama that had his team remaking “World War Z” while developing “Slave,” as negative whispers and doubt abounded.