Taylor Swift’s Tour Rises To No. 1 On Pollstar’s Concert Rankings

At Farm Aid concert, wholesome food helps augment the music and the fundraising

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EDT September 20, 2013 Beyonce is the latest victim of fans overstepping their boundaries at her concerts. Beyonce performs on stage during “The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” at the Barclays Center on August 3 in New York. She is currently in the midst of the tour’s Latin American leg. (Photo: Kevin Mazur) Beyonce was dragged off stage by a fan at a concert in Brazil last weekend Other pop stars such as Justin Bieber and One Direction have suffered concert attacks It’s key to “let audiences know what their limitations are,” one expert says SHARE 4 CONNECT 8 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE She may be Queen Bey to many, but that doesn’t mean Beyonce is always treated like royalty during her shows. Especially when her throngs of adoring fans are crazy in love. Not only did the pop star’s luscious locks get caught in an electric fan during a July performance, the reigning diva has also been spanked by a Copenhagen concertgoer in May and pulled off stage by another at a Brazil show last weekend (resulting in this hilarious, albeit terrifying, image ). Mrs. Carter’s bad-luck streak may seem like an anomaly (her Latin American tour has continued without incident and stops in Venezuela tonight and Colombia on Sunday), but in fact, these crazed fan incidents happen to nearly every pop star. Concertgoers have rushed the stage at Miley Cyrus , Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift shows. Justin Bieber was attacked by a fan during a Dubai performance, resulting in an upturned piano. Even One Direction’s Harry Styles suffered a blow to the groin after a concertgoer threw a shoe at him in February. “They want to get as close as possible,” says Gary Bongiovanni, editor of Pollstar, which covers the concert industry. “It’s just a fan being overly exuberant that could in fact hurt the performer or anyone else around them if they don’t act rationally. But it’s not based on hate or a desire to do the performer harm.” Although most excited devotees don’t present a serious threat, some encounters have ended tragically.


(2) Taylor Swift; $3,204,452; $86.24. 2. (3) Kenny Chesney; $2,571,651; $75.89. 3. (4) One Direction; $1,728,956; $65.83. 4. (New) Beyonce; $1,697,832; $115.14. 5. (5) Phish; $1,590,139; $50.54. 6. (7) Justin Bieber; $1,225,230; $80.77. 7. (8) Dave Matthews Band; $1,220,023; $56.87.

It will, in keeping with Ghost on Ghost, be a full-band experience, one featuring a 12-piece that includes horn and string sections and backup singers. aThe core rhythm section is pretty small. Itas just me and bass, drums and keys and then the numbers start to blossom.a That is in keeping with the wonderful musical path down which Beam ambled with his fifth studio full-length, which was recorded in New York with longtime producer and collaborator Brian Deck. Admittedly, itas something of a departure for Iron & Wine, straying into more nocturnal and metropolitan jazzy and R & B terrain, while keeping the rural folk core intact. For his part, Beam calls it a kitchen-sink record or agenre potpourri,a an album that dictated its direction once he got in the studio and saw where the players a an all-star collection including members of Sex Mob, Jazz Passengers and Antony and the Johnsons a were capable of taking the material. aI like to find something new to suit each record. I donat like to do the same record twice. But thatas not hard a I mean thereas lots of different kinds of music out there. aSo originally I planned to make it a more stately, elegant kind of album. I really wanted to work with the strings, so in my mind it was going to be more of a torch song, elegant, orchestra kind of thing. But then I got the band together … and it just kind of worked.a aSome of the lyrics are unpalatable … theyare unsettling,a he says of the material on Ghost on Ghost, and the warmth theyare swaddled in.

Concert preview: Iron & Wine keep stretching definitions

The village offered plenty of activities to help people get in touch with their inner farmer. Theres a daylong group potato-stamp art project; workshops on making butter, bacon, cheese, lemon vinegar and llama wool bracelets; and a demonstration of how to grow shiitake mushrooms on logs in your own backyard. Joshua Cummings of Hartford, N.Y., was biting into a snappy grilled bratwurst as he walked among the vendors tents. I want to know where my food came from and what went into it, he said, adding that farm-fresh food also tastes better. Will Pouch, owner of the Esperanto restaurant in Saratoga Springs, had to modify his menu for his Farm Aid booth to meet the organizations requirements for all organic and humane-raised food. They have very exacting standards that made me look at my menu and sources, Pouch said. He used organic chicken and farm-ground flour in his doughboys for the event, which increased his ingredient cost by two- or threefold, he said. I wont change all my restaurant menu items, though, because many of my customers cant afford the higher prices, Pouch said. But Ill be adding more locally sourced items to the specials board. The Farm Aid organization has raised more than $43 million since 1985 to support programs that help small family farms, expand the Good Food Movement and promote locally grown food. Farm Aid has made grants of more than $2.5 million in the Northeast during the past 28 years, according to the organization. Roger Allison, who started Patchwork Family Farms in Columbia, Mo., with a Farm Aid grant 20 years ago, said Farm Aid has been a lifesaver for the family farmers in his organization who raise hogs in a natural way, unconfined, without antibiotics. Thank god for Willie Nelson and Farm Aid, Allison said at Saratoga after driving 23 hours to bring his truckload of savory meats. It has really instilled hope in independent family farms all across the United States. We love Willie.