The Arlo Guthrie Concert Massacre (with Apologies To ‘alice’s Restaurant’)

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“Propofol might not be the best idea,” Panish said. “But if you have a competent doctor, you’re not going to die.” Panish contended that AEG executives including CEO Randy Phillips and co-CEO Paul Gongaware disdained Jackson and pointed to an e-mail in which an AEG attorney referred to Jackson as “the freak.” “They’re a money-making machine,” Panish said. “All they care about is how much money is this freak going to make for them.” Both executives were initially named as defendants but were dismissed from the case during the trial. Panish showed jurors details of a contract that was drafted by AEG Live but only signed by Murray. He said it proved that AEG wanted to control the doctor. AEG Live attorney Marvin Putnam told jurors that Jackson insisted on hiring Murray despite objections from AEG Live. The company told Jackson there were great doctors in London, where his concerts would be held, but the singer insisted, Putnam said. “It was his money and he certainly wasn’t going to take no for an answer,” he said. AEG attorneys showed the jury excerpts from the documentary film about the failed Jackson comeback, This Is It, to demonstrate that Jackson appeared in top form just 12 hours before he died. “AEG Live did not have a crystal ball,” Putnam said. “Dr. Murray and Mr.

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What I came to tell you about. They got a building up in Carmel. Its called the Palladium. I went up there to see Arlo in concert and I walked in, sat down, and said hello to a man and his wife who had moved their seats because a fellow next to them had been talking to himself too loudly. Arguing even. I thought it was a good idea that they did move their seats and promised Id keep my self-conversations to a minimum. And then he said Kid, have you ever seen an Arlo Guthrie concert? And I proceeded to tell him about the eight or nine other concerts but not about the young ladies and the Greek and the irate dad. And then Arlo Guthrie and his drummer Terry a La Berry (who I remembered from the first time I saw Arlo) and Arlos son, keyboardist Abe Guthrie, bounded on stage and proceeded to play a set of primarily Woody Guthrie tunes including 1913 Massacre and Do Re Mi and Pretty Boy Floyd and Oklahoma Hills. Arlo seemed tentative at first like something about the birthday cake colors of the hall or the relatively sparse crowd was making him uncomfortable. But then he found his groove and the stories got more casual and comfortable and the smiles of his musical partners seemed more sincere and by the time The Motorcycle Song was sung and intermission came everyone seemed happy there. In the lobby at intermission there were Woodstock wannabees and twentysomething outsiders and hippy seniors. Hippy seniors right there in the lobby next to me. And I realized that I had no business really calling myself a true Arlo Guthrie fan because I hadnt bought an Arlo Guthrie recording since the 1980sexcept Babys Storytime, a collection of kid stories that my eldest daughter spent a section of her toddler-hood going to bed to every night.

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10. (9) Michael Buble; $887,667; $82.24. 11. (11) New Kids On The Block; $709,942; $59.64. 12. (10) Rush; $697,666; $72.32. 13. (New) Luke Bryan; $674,316; $37.38. 14. (New) John Mayer; $658,798; $49.42. 15. (12) Blake Shelton; $655,010; $35.38. 16.

Wells St. $70 to $95 at the box office, (414) 286-3663 and The Chieftans: 8 p.m. March 7, Pabst Theater. $70 to $95, on sale noon Friday. Goblin: 8 p.m. Dec. 1, Turner Hall Ballroom , 1040 N. 4th St. $25, on sale noon Friday through the Pabst Theater. Lord Huron: 8 p.m. Jan. 29, Turner Hall Ballroom.