The Asian escorts and The confident client

Despite being in a time when people are loved for their differences, even the most confident man can be shy. Couple shyness with a worrisome personality and the combination can spell stress. So how does a client overcome this crippling combination when he has a beautiful woman to impress?

Here at Asian Options Escorts London we thought we’d speak to some of our beautiful ladies and ask them for feedback. Here is just some of the fabulous advice our ladies gave us for the clients who want to overcome their shyness and increase their confidence when it comes to dating our female Asian escorts.

Relax and that’s half the battle won

You’ve probably heard it a million times before but it really is true. If you calm and quiet the mind then you’ll promote relaxation and dissolve a lot of stress and anxiety. Any shyness and lack of confidence will automatically disappear with it. Many of our Asian female escorts in London practise yoga and find breathing exercises help quite a lot. They suggest sitting in a quiet room in a relaxed position and close your eyes. Direct all thoughts to your breathing and do this for about ten minutes. You’ll be surprised at just how relaxed and calm it will make you feel.

Dress great and smell great too

Ask any one of our busty Asian escorts and they’ll happily tell you just what a difference it makes when a client dresses well and smells good. Women love a well-dressed man and while we aren’t saying you need to wear a £2000 Gucci suit, we do suggest being neatly suited and booted. A little effort goes a long way with our ladies. When it comes to aftershave we cannot emphasise enough the need to avoid the cheap stuff. A quality aftershave on a man is a major aphrodisiac for a woman so make it work to your advantage. Our ladies guarantee they’ll find a man a million times more attractive if he smells great and that will make you feel like a million dollars.

Forget about your physical looks

Many of our Asian London escorts consider looks to be secondary to everything else. That’s actually how the majority of women think too. Dress well, smell great and relax your mind; we guarantee this will make you super irresistible and immediately transform you into the poster boy for the most wanted client here at Asian Options agency in London.  they offer Best selection of Asian and Oriental escorts in London available every day.

Genuine flattery works every time

All of our Asian London escorts work extremely hard when it comes to maintaining their beauty and bodies. Most of them are quite accustomed to receiving compliments but flattery goes way beyond simply telling them they look lovely. Making a compliment more personal instantly makes it more sincere so next time set your date and make a quick assessment. Compliment their lipstick and how it really brings out their eyes or maybe how you love the stunning colour of their nail varnish. You’ll notice your Asian escort instantly melt.

Here at Asian Options Escorts London we recognise that even the most confident of men can sometimes struggle to feel so brave when sat opposite our stunning young ladies, especially when you’ve hired the best Asian escorts London has to offer. Try just some of these techniques however and we guarantee you’ll not only feel a million times more confident but our Asian escorts in London will become putty in your hands.