Uk Chart: Gtav Becomes Fastest Selling Game Ever In Uk

Rockstar’s critically acclaimed GTAV has stormed to the top of UK chart this week, becoming the fastest-selling game of all time in the region. GTAV also becomes the overall 24th biggest selling title of all time in the UK, selling more in its launch week than all other GTA titles combined, and besting previous launch week record holder Call of Duty: Black Ops by almost a quarter of a million units. On the individual platforms the game is even bigger, becoming the 11th biggest on Xbox 360 and 10th biggest on PlayStation 3 after just five days on sale. The split of sales between platforms is fairly even, with 57 percent on Xbox 360 and 43 percent on PS3. Despite accounting for almost 89 percent of sales for the week, GTAV wasn’t the only new entry to the chart. Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 made its debut at two, while Aliens: Colonial Marines re-entered the chart at eight thanks to retail discounting and promotion. Elsewhere, The Last Of Us jumped up to three from 27, Saints Row IV dropped from one to four, and Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning makes its chart debut at 22. The Top 10 UK chart for the week ending September 21: 1. Grand Theft Auto V 2. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 3. The Last Of Us 4. Saints Row IV 5. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist 6. Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition 7. Diablo III

UK authorities clear Baba Ramdev after second round of questioning

Research by the True and Fair Campaign, which lobbies for clearer charging by fund managers, shows around 40 percent of a typical UK equities fund is effectively a copy of weightings in the overall stock market. However, investors are often paying for “active” fund managers who aim to outsmart competitors and beat benchmarks. These funds can cost up to three times the fees for passive funds that merely match the market and are commonly used as a cheap way to access an asset class or sector. This could have cost British investors 3 billion pounds ($4.8 billion) in excess charges over the last five years, according to the report. The True and Fair Campaign is spearheaded by Alan and Gina Miller who run SCM Partners, a boutique wealth manager that invests client money into exchange traded funds, tracking indexes. They have become prominent critics of charging structures in investment management and last year launched a campaign to impose a standardised code for disclosure of fees. According to their latest report, nearly half of the British fund industry is guilty of “closet indexing”. Investors are largely unaware of this, Gina Miller said, because of a lack of transparency in the funds industry. “Because UK funds only have to report what they own once a year, most investors will be unaware that in many cases they are often misled into buying something which turns out to be just an illusion,” she said. The Investment Management Association was not immediately available for comment.

Though UK immigration cleared Ramdev and allowed him to carry on with his programmes in Britain, the yoga guru said he was not given any reason for his detention yesterday. According to sources, his questioning by airport officials was related to him travelling on a visitor’s visa instead of a business one. A day after his detention on arrival here, Ramdev returned to Heathrow Airport this evening with British Indian MP Keith Vaz to meet the chief immigration officer. The immigration officer later allowed Ramdev to enter the UK lawfully and carry on with his programmes. Ramdev alleged that he did not get support from the Indian government and he suspected that the British officials were misguided. “I am sad to state that my government did not support me. I was told there was a red alert attached to my name, which is only linked with terrorists and criminals. I will wait for full details but I have a doubt that my eight-hour detention yesterday was a result of the Indian government’s attempt to misguide the UK immigration department,” Ramdev told reporters outside the airport after being cleared. “While the Indian government may have played a villain’s role in this whole episode, Britain’s NRI community and Keith Vaz (British-Indian MP) stood by me,” he said. “I thank the UK government that they did not stay misguided for too long,” he said, adding that he had not been given any explanation for being detained. “I have never done anything illegal, immoral or unethical. So I kept asking them to let me know what my fault was.