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For Cox, the callup is her first since returning to the field late in the NWSL season, the 27-year-old sidelined for most of the season as she welcomed her first child. With 82 caps to her credit, the 2008 gold medalist was once a national team mainstay, though he last appearance with the U.S. was in May 2012. Now shell compete against Dunn and converted midfielder Kristie Mewis for a place on the depth chart. Stephanie Cox, pictured here with the LA Sol, returned to action late in the NWSL season after delivering her first child. Though 27-year-old defender has 82 caps with the U.S. national team, shes been called in for the first time since May 2012. (Source: JMR Photography, via Wiki Commons.) Theyre part of the 10-defender crew named to the U.S. squad, one thats emblematic of the strange tension between old world scheduling and the new realities of the womens soccer world. Whereas the U.S. has previously been able to ignore FIFA dates because few (if any) players were playing in Europe, financial opportunities in France, Sweden, England and Germany makes it more likely out-of-window games will create conflicts. In one sense, the U.S. surely has enough depth to give players 22 through 25 a shot in otherwise meaningless matches, but on the other hand, the margin for borderline players like Tymrak, Paris Saint-Germains Lindsey Horan, and Bayerns Amber Brooks diminishes with decreased opportunities. Therell be deprived of opportunities granted domestic-based players.

United States and Japan today sign organic equivalence arrangement

On the Russian side, Foreign Minister Lavrov, a well known and much respected figure around the UN after his five years as Moscows envoy there during the vexed disarming of Iraq, was perhaps the only person anywhere who could go to Damascus and deliver to Assad the news that he could no longer pretend that he did not have the kind of weapons raining sarin gas on helpless people in civilian neighborhoods and was prepared to use them. Meanwhile the question of whether or not any of the disparate rebel factions also had found and used poison gas was left open for UN inspectors to determine. On the American side, Secretary of State Kerry, with decades of experience on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and service as an occasional administration troubleshooter, seems not to seek celebrity treatment by the media, as Hillary Clinton often did, however well she served to smooth over much of the bad feeling toward the US engendered by the Bush administration. Kerry is, moreover, a cosmopolitan figure representing a country always teetering on provincialism and isolationism, where no president since Franklin D. Roosevelt has really been at home in the world. Both Kerry and Lavrov had to work in the face of flip-flops and Congressional squawking in the US over how to proceed, and repeated accusations in Moscow that the Syrian rebels, not the government, were responsible for the deaths in the Damascus suburb where more than 1,4000 people, at least a third of them children, were reported to have died. All of that noise seems to have been turned off. Within the UN, there was some surprise and much relief that the process of writing the new resolution on Syria was accomplished so quickly and easily after the Kerry-Lavrov team had laid the groundwork. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, often a reticent official, was pleased, but warned that it should not be interpreted as a license to kill with conventional weapons. Arms experts echoed the opinion of Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN-Arab League envoy on Syria, that finally under President Obama the US was proving not to be trigger happy. Please support our journalism. Get a digital subscription for just $9.50! The UN document Security Council Resolution 2118 was not written under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which specifically permits the punitive use of force.

United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan issues decision in Phase I of Kalamazoo River Case

Assessments conducted in Japan and the United States leading up to the signing found organic management, accreditation, certification and enforcement programs are in place in both countries, and conform to each other’s respective programs. The first two-way trade agreement in Asia also marks the first organic equivalency arrangement without organic standards exceptions. As a result, certified organic products as of Jan. 1, 2014 can move freely between the United States and Japan. Under the agreement, MAFF will recognize USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) as equivalent to the Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) and the MAFF Organic Program, and will allow products produced and certified as meeting USDA’s NOP standards to be marketed as organic in Japan. Likewise, the United States will allow Japanese products produced and certified under the JAS Organic Program to be marketed as organic in the United States. Both countries will require that the accredited certifier must be identified on the product label. “On behalf of the U.S. organic industry, OTA extends its sincere thanks and congratulations to the U.S. government and MAFF Japan teams that brought equivalency between our nations after a decade of rigorous and thoughtful negotiations,” said Batcha. She noted that OTA and the U.S. organic industry advised, advocated for, and facilitated progress towards this historic arrangement. In June 2009, the United States and Canada signed the first equivalency agreement in the world for the organic industry. This was followed with an agreement signed by the United States and EU in February 2012 recognizing each other’s organic standards as equivalent, fully effective June12, 2012. Further details and background information about this latest agreement are available on OTA’s website . Also NOP has posted extensive information related to the agreement.

If NCR were to be found liable for any costs with respect to the Kalamazoo River, it would have claims against Appleton Papers Inc. (now known as Appvion, Inc.) and B.A.T Industries p.l.c. under a 1998 cost sharing agreement and associated arbitration award and judgment. NCR respectfully disagrees with the Courts conclusion. NCR believes that the decision of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, in Appleton Papers Inc. v. George A. Whiting Paper Co., No. 08-C-16 (E.D. Wis.), properly concluded that sales of CCP broke were sales of a useful product and not an arrangement to dispose of a hazardous material under CERCLA. NCR is evaluating the opinion and is considering its legal options. About NCR Corporation NCR Corporation ( NCR ) is the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, turning everyday interactions with businesses into exceptional experiences.